Upcycled Fashion – Discoveries for January 2018

The choices for shoppers interested in upcycled clothing and jewellery is improving every year, with a real upturn in choice, quality & style.  The majority of upcycling is still taken up by small brands and designers.  In some cases this does mean there is a higher price tag than you might like, but if your choose your pieces carefully, your choices can last several years, cutting your costs over time.  Ethical Fashion is alot about slow fashion – being clever with your choices of materials and colour so that you mix and match, thus in the long term reducing the need to just keep on buying for no real good reason.

Here are a few brands and designers that upcycle in a beautiful way 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

upcycledupcycled leather skirt from Acey.com

“We discovered this brand in a market stall next to our London office in East London. PP are a Brazilian-based brand founded upon the idea of upcycling leather waste from the footwear industry. Amanda Py and Petula Silveira worked in Brazilian footwear factories and saw the extent of wasted fabric, leading them to start the company. Each piece is handmade in Porto Alegre, Brazil and due to the nature of upcycled leather every garment is unique.”

The skirt retails at £135 and is a knee length skirt 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

The box jumper from Antiform £71.25

Antiform is a longstanding upcycling brand, originated in Leeds and now working out of Bristol.  They have a selection of jumpers, skirts and dresses that really integrate upcycling at the heart of the designs.  The brand is strong on collaborations – their collections include working with the Bristol Textile Mill and the Fisherman Knit collection.


The Wire Resin C Shaped Bangle £43

A bracelet made out of wires from a server, the wires are cast in resin.  This bracelet is sold on the Remade By website which only sells upcycling products from a variety of designers. It sells a really inspirational range of designs, from a light made from old baked beans tins, to unusual recycled glasses and vases.


I don’t think the excuse of lack of quality designs in the craft and fashion sector is no longer appropriate.    Over the last few years the increased interest in upcycling from designers has really had a positive impact on this sector and we look forward to just more and more beautiful and ingenious remaking ♲♲


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