Shop For Your Shape by Ruth Rosselson – an archived blog from 2010

Fed up of ordering the wrong size, Ruth Rosselson looks at the different sizing of the ethical fashion labels to make online shopping easier. Over the past decade, there’s been a profusion of TV shows celebrating women’s bodies and encouraging us to dress for, and to celebrate, our shape. We are more aware than ever that women’s bodies are not homogenous, not just in terms of what size we are, but where we carry our fat – or if we have any fat at all. When it comes to buying clothes, our experience of shopping and trying on clothes mean that most women are aware of what sizes we take in which high street shop and which labels are more likely to flatter our shape. Where we might take fit a 14 with one label, we know that we’re a 12 elsewhere, and might even be a 16 somewhere else. This is because there is still no standard when it comes to dress sizes. When it comes to ethical fashion, things become a little trickier because many of the ethical fashion companies do most of their business online. Trying on a top in three different sizes is not an option […]

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